We produce and export molded plastic parts for the automotive industry, in which we have developed specific parts for the most prestigious and important OEMs of the world.

From the first year until today, we have focused on achieving our goals: to offer high quality providing products and first-class service.

We have taken firm steps moving forward through a clear, decisive and strategic vision: to become leaders and specialist in high-quality products backed up by new processes and technology.

We are an enthusiastic company willing to bet on the future.


CORMAPLAST is certified in the norm IATF 16949:2015:
We comply with each of our customer´s audits according to specific
operational rules, for instance: VDA 6.3


In CORMAPLAST we have the necessary peripheral equipment to source and process engineering resins that are indispensable in the automotive industry. Each one of our machines has a robot for the necessary care of each produced part.

Within our facilities, we have a Q-Lab with physical, mechanical and attributes control equipment for the certification of our parts and raw materials using dimensioning tools such as CMMs, Laser Scanner, in conjuntion with Checking Fixtures where necessary. We also have equipment for the validation of brightness and color of the finished parts and for the testing of the resin upon receipt.

We produce and export plastic parts molded for the automotive industry, in which we have developed specific parts for the most important OEMs in the world.
Our company competitiveness is measured by our customers´s satisfaction, quality on time deliveries, excellent service, versatility and continuous improvement.
The specialized machinery used in the automatization of our processes is directly monitored by highly qualified personnel to fulfill a high standard in quality.
With strategic partners in Mexico, China, Europe, USA and Canada, CORMAPLAST develops the construction of injection tools.

Direct support on the site during the manufacturing process to guarantee the function and the design of each produced parts.
As part of a fully integrated service system to our customers, CORMAPLAST develops Checking fixtures, which ensure the quality of each product.
The management of technical modifications requires a fully reliable shoulder to shoulder workshop specialized in tools.
CORMAPLAST has invested in the implementation of a specialized area to manage the required tasks, such as Engineering Changes, fine tunning of tools, medium or major fixes, refurbishing, and cover the needs of some spare parts for our machines and peripherals
In CORMAPLAST we understand the required effort to obtain our customer´s full satisfaction according to the business growth. The complete logistics concepts are implemented with the purpose to maintain the final products safe as well as raw materials.
We have the proper infrastructure and qualified human talent for the required logistic operation for our customers.


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